Benefits of Cleaning Carpets During Winter in Chicago, IL; Faster Carpet Drying Time, Hiring Flexibility & More

Everyone compiles a list of things they want to accomplish as soon as spring arrives. Have you ever thought of the benefits of knocking those things off during the winter though? Starting with your carpets, there are several things that can be done in the winter, and even have greater benefits when done during this season. Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning would like to share some reasons why winter is the best time to clean your carpets.

Cleaning Carpet in Winter

When you think of the winter, you think of mud and muck that comes from wet weather. However, having your carpets cleaned during this time is a wise choice. The carpeting in your home is a great filter for dust, pollen, and other allergens that are found in your air. When you don’t have your carpets cleaned during the winter, you don’t have fresh air circulating in your home like you do at other times of the year. Your carpeting is most likely filled with pollutants from the warmer weather and doesn’t have the ability to act as a filter for the air in your home when it desperately needs it. Without fresh air in your home, the indoor air quality is much worse during the winter time. Cleaning your carpets during winter will improve your air quality as well as stay cleaner because there isn’t as much pollen and other pollutants during these months!

Beat the Spring Time Carpet Cleaning Rush

When you wait until spring to have your carpets cleaned, you will be waiting in line along with the rest of the spring cleaners. Having your carpets cleaned in the winter means more appointment times to choose from and quicker appointment availability as well. Beat the spring cleaning rush and have your carpets cleaned now.

Carpets Dry Faster After Cleaning During the Winter

It’s no secret that the air during the winter is not only colder, but drier than other seasons. You will notice that your carpets dry quicker when you have them cleaned during winter months which doesn’t allow any time for them to get dirty while you wait for them to dry. One more reason to have your carpets cleaned while it’s cold outside!

Upholstery Winter Cleaning

Not only is the winter a great time to have your carpet cleaned, but your upholstery as well. For most of the same reasons listed above, getting your upholstery cleaned now will save you from having to do it when the weather is warm and you are aching to get some vitamin D.

Carpet, Sofa Cleaning & More in Chicago, Park Ridge, Arlington Heights, Glenview & Chicagoland, Illinois

Don’t spend this winter just wishing for warmer weather to knock things off your spring cleaning list. Getting your carpet cleaning out of the way now will not only benefit you all winter long, but will be one less thing to worry about as spring approaches. Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning offers carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Call us today for an appointment.

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