How to Get Dried Muddy Footprints, Wet Mud Pawprints or Other Set In Dirt Stains Out of Carpet in Park Ridge, IL

There are inevitably some spots that will end up on your carpets that you have to deal with. Most people are prepared for the everyday dust and dirt that come in. That is why choosing the right vacuum is an important aspect of the home and the chores that need to be done. Although this is a great start, there are a lot of other aspects of keeping your carpets clean. You need to know what to do to clean specific types of spots and stains. Some of them have different methods to ensure blemishes are removed and that no damage is done to the carpet. One mess you don’t want to see is when there is mud in the yard and then the family dog or one of your children comes in only to drag it across the carpet. This is a mess that takes a specific technique to remove without spreading the mud out further and deeper. Magic Touch Carpet Cleaning offers helpful tips to best deal with mud stains of your carpet.

Let Mud Dry on Carpet

The first thing that people say when you have a spot or stain on the carpet is to get to cleaning it right away. The faster you get to the mess the better when it comes to most stains and spots but not all of them. When it comes to mud, you actually want to wait to clean it. If you go at some chunks of mud on the carpet it will spread out and can be hard to remove. The better option is to make sure that you allow the mud to dry out. The moisture should be removed to give you the chance to clean the dirt away. This is something that you are going to have to give some time to. It can take overnight to dry all the way out. You want to make sure that you prevent other people and pets from walking around the area so that they don’t spread the mess out any further.

Remove Excess Dried Mud from Carpet

The second step that it takes to treat a mud spot is the same as many other spots and stains. It is a good idea to have a trash bag close to the area so that you can remove the excess. When it comes to the excess of mud it usually comes off the carpet in pieces and chunks. You can pick up the pieces and throw them out so that you can then run the vacuum. The dirt and dust that is left over can be removed when you use your vacuum. Run it slowly over the area several times to fully get the excess dirt off the carpet.

Spot Clean Carpet

Lastly you want to make sure that you clean the area with a mild cleaning solution. You can mix warm water and your dish soap to make a solution that can be sprayed on the area. Follow up with dabbing a clean cloth to finalize the cleaning process. You want to let the area dry before you allow any foot traffic on the area.

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